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Review Policy

If you are a publisher or author who would like their book reviewed here on Stephanie’s Written Word, please e-mail me at wordblog(at)optonline(dot)net. 

I enjoy reading contemporary fiction, young adult fiction, chick-lit, historical fiction, fantasy and gothic horror stories. I also occasionally read memoirs. I don’t sell the ARC’s which are sent to me for review, but will sometimes include them as part of a giveaway or donate them to my local library (unless specifically requested otherwise). Please note that I am not accepting self published or e-books at this time.

Since I recieve quite a few requests for reviews, I am selective about the titles I accept and will generally only respond to the inquiries that interest me. I would love to e-mail each and every person who sends me a book pitch, but I can no longer keep up!

Please note that my acceptance of a review copy does not guarantee that I will write a review. If I cannot finish a book due to lack of interest then I will not write a review. I will however write a review if the book is finished.

Please note that I write honest reviews that help my readers select quality books, therefore if I did not like the book I will say so in my review, along with my reasons why. Even though I don’t guarantee a positive review, I  try to write reviews that are fair, balanced and constructive.

Also note that I do my best to get a review up on my blog in a timely manner, although with two young children sometimes that can be a challenge.  This means it can take anywhere from 2 to 6 months for me to post a review. 

My blog views have increased steadily over the past three years and in July 2009 alone I had over 12,500 hits. I also regularly visit and comment on numerous book related sites. I am open to hosting giveaways, guest blog posts and author interviews and am currently hosting the Everything Austen Challenge, which has more than 200 participants.

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