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On the bookshelves 3

August 4, 2008

Here I am back for another installment of my own virtual reminder of all the great books I someday want to read. My first On the bookshelves post had me wandering through my local bookstore. Shortly thereafter, I was coveting some of the great finds around the book blogging community. Today I’m writing about books that I’ve found in both places, but not the traditional novels I normally salivate over. I’ve got a hankerin’ for some non-fiction and essays lately and have found what looks like some really great reads from the store and around the internet.

A Year of Food Life (P.S.)First up is What is the What by Dave Eggers. I’ve been a fan of this author since I read A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius and found the reviews from Maw Books, TIp of the Iceberg and Bending Bookshelf facinating. Apparently this isn’t only a thought provoking read, but an important one to boot.

For something a bit lighter, Queen of the Road by Doreen Orion, which was recently reviewed over at Fizzy Thoughts, Bookstack and Booking Mama looks like the type of fun, easy going read for a beautiful summer afternoon. Plus, the author has a great interactive website which I just love.

I’ve heard the Jen Lancaster writes some gut busting stuff, and Such a Pretty Fat: One Narcissist’s Quest to Discover if Her LIfe Makes Her Ass Look Big, Or Why Pie is Not the Answer. If her books read anything like her blog, then I know I’m in for a good time.

A MemoirThere is also Animal, Vegetable, Miracle by Barbara Kingsolver (which just has the prettiest book cover) floating around the book blogging community (although I can’t for the life of me remember EXACTLY which blogs I saw it mentioned. Anyway, it looks highly rated among the commenter’s over at Goodreads, so I think I’ll give this one a try.

Or how does Driving with Dead People by Monica Holloway sound to you? Check out the author’s website for a description of her memoir and her announcement that the book is being made into a a major motion picture. I LOVE reading a book before seeing the movie.

Lastly, there’s a book of essays called I Married My Mother-In-Law: And Other Tales of In-Laws We Can’t Live With and Can’t Live Without. Doesn’t that title just say it all?

What about you guys? Have you read any of the above books? Are there any books that call to you (BUY ME) when you’re in the store?

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  1. August 4, 2008 4:37 pm

    Ooh ooh, I have What is the What on my shelves, and I was actually just thinking of picking it up. I need something drastically different from Breaking Dawn if I’m going to avoid a slump, and I think What is the What could be the answer.

    As for Animal, Vegetable, Miracle, I LOVED IT! Probably the best book I’ve read all year. I have my Bibliobuffet review linked from my sidebar at my blog if you want to be enabled. hehe

  2. August 4, 2008 4:42 pm

    I read and enjoyed “Queen of the Road.”

    I really, really want to read “What is the What,” and I’m DYING to read “Animal, Vegetable, Mineral.”

  3. August 4, 2008 5:24 pm

    I”ve heard good things about Queen of the Road and have that one on my TBR list. And, I may have to check out that in-law book. Let me know if you read it!

  4. August 4, 2008 6:45 pm

    Loved Animal, Vegetable, Mineral. 🙂

  5. August 4, 2008 9:23 pm

    Haven’t read any of them but don’t most books speak to you when you are in the store, or is that just me?! 🙂

  6. August 5, 2008 12:06 am

    There are so many books I want to read.

    Edgar Sawtelle

    The Art of Racing in the Rain

    Keeping The House

    The Lace Reader

    Queen of the Road

    I can’t even remember them all. I am influenced by beautiful book covers too so even if the story line does not sound appealing to me, I can still be drawn in by the cover art.

  7. August 5, 2008 7:29 am

    Julie – I think most of us hear those little voices in our heads when we go to the bookstore. I’ve been trying really hard not to buy any new books recently since we’re saving money for an addition on our house and every little bit helps!

    Ti – Well, you’re in luck, since two of those books I will be giveaway away in the near future, so stay tuned!! Oh, and I’m a sucker for cool book covers too.

  8. August 5, 2008 8:54 am

    Animal, Vegetable, Mineral is fantastic. Life changing even. Haven’t heard of the others, except for the Eggers, but they all have fantastic titles!

  9. August 5, 2008 1:09 pm

    I haven’t read any of those yet, but the Kingsolver one is definitely on my wishlist!

  10. August 5, 2008 5:57 pm

    Hopefully you enjoy reading What is the What. Eggers & Deng manage to make it an uplifting book, despite the fact that the subject is unpleasant. I recently bought A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius at a book sale, and I’m looking forward to reading it.

  11. August 6, 2008 8:17 pm

    What is the What tops my list too. Animal, Vegetable, Miracle is great! I read a library copy, but I’m tempted to go out and buy it for myself.

  12. August 8, 2008 9:24 am

    I read What is the What last month. My son had to read it for school and I picked it up. It is a very interesting book and has caused me to want to read more about Africa. I posted a review about the book as well on my blog. You will enjoy the book.

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