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Book Booty #4

June 9, 2008

Before I start discussing those three pretty books in the picture below, let me just direct a couple of you to this post I wrote in January entitled FREE BOOKS! A few of you asked me how I’ve been so lucky to have gotten all these books recently, so just read through that old post to find out how you too can get books in the mail. Make sure to check out the comments too, since a lot of bloggers had insights as to how they obtain advance reader copies and free books. Also, Eva wrote an entire post on the subject – make sure to check out her suggestions too. Now, back to the booty…

stuff 018


Ah, finally, a picture of a stack of books, all courtesy of Three Rivers Press. Don’t they look pretty sitting on my new patio furniture (sorry, I just had to show it off to someone)! The books, from top to bottom, are as follows:

First off is The Spiritualist by Megan Chance. Already reviewed over at Book Escape, The Spiritualist is a suspensful story of murder and the spirit world. Check out more information over at the author’s website.

Then there’s A Good and Happy Child by Justin Evans, which based on this review over at Entertainment Weekly might just be a perfect addition to my RIP challenge this fall. Want to learn more? Click on the author’s website for additional information.

Lastly is The Tenth Gift by Jane Johnson. Originally titled Crossed Bones on this advance reader copy, you can read a great review of this book over at BookPage. Sounds pretty intersting, right? There is more information over at Johnson’s website.

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  1. June 9, 2008 7:10 pm

    Hey, how come they only sent me The Spiritualist and Nefertiti and you got all those other ones??!!

    BTW, Nefertiti was great, like you said. I just reviewed it on my blog in hopes of receiving some more free books soon!!

  2. June 9, 2008 8:51 pm

    You always get great free books!! 🙂

  3. June 10, 2008 6:18 am

    What is the RIP challenge? These all sound a little edgy to me. Just by titles and book cover colors.

  4. June 10, 2008 8:25 am

    bkclubcare – oh, a RIP newbie! Carl V. has a great blog at and he runs two wonderful challenges through the year (Once Upon a Time challenge for fantasy in the spring and RIP for scary books in the fall) filled with giveaways and great reviews!

  5. June 10, 2008 9:58 am

    I put all 3 on my TBR list!

    You take such awesome pictures. I am picture taking challenged. 😦

  6. June 10, 2008 1:02 pm

    Yes, I guess I am a RIP newbie. I am intimidated abt signing up for challenges and can barely keep track of the ones 3 I am in right now. But I couldn’t find a badge on your site for it – thank you, I ‘ll go look now. 🙂

  7. June 10, 2008 3:25 pm

    Ooooooo…they all sound good!

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